EDL district of Tartu won the admiral Pitka Recon Challenge

Estonian Defence League’s district of Tartu won the international Admiral Pitka Recon Challenge that ended in Rapla. Scouts Battalion I team came to second and Finnish II (Rikama Marine Recon Platoon) team to third place.
Foreign teams showed very good results this year. One Finnish team and both Danish teams were in top ten.

From two female teams in the competition Women`s voluntary defence organization retired and EDL district of Valgamaa came to 16th place.

Altogether 17 teams finished the competition. 25 teams from Estonia, Poland, Finland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Sweden, USA, Spain and Lithuania competed in Pitka challenge.

Admiral Pitka Recon Challenge is a long-range reconnaissance patrol competition. The aim of the challenge is to determine the best team during the course of the competition, raise the level of military knowledge, skills and teamwork of participating teams, and promote cooperation between countries.

The main organiser of the competition is the Estonian Defence League (EDL) in cooperation with national security agencies, ministries, private businesses, societies and associations together with international partners.

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